Meet Sherwin, a seasoned creative professional for all your design and branding needs.


Sherwin has been in the design industry for more than 15 years. Starting out as a graphic artist, he honed his skills with years of experience and gained mastery over his craft. He has worked in print and digital publishing, video production, photography, and marketing, among others. His professional work spans almost all types of media. He adapts his creative discipline for print, digital and other forms of visual arts.

Over the years, he has obtained a clientele that includes

some of the biggest names in media and in business, such as Philippine Star (, Bench Clothing and Lifestyle, Sky Cable, Meralco, Rockwell, SM Corporation, Nestle Philippines, and Lopez Holdings corp.  

With his trademark creativity and quality of work, he serves as a creative consultant to the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship  (Go Negosyo) and ABS-CBN Books and Creative Programs, Inc


A seasoned artist, his skillset has been sharpened with years of experience in working with various clients and other creative professionals.

Design concept creation to technical execution Books/magazine Design and Layout
Marketing Strategy Development
Video Production

Art Direction

Brand Execution

Digital Content Creation


He is equipped with the latest software and hardware

technology for the job.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Indesign

  • Adobe Premier

  • Adobe Lightroom

Cell: 0977-826-8811

Sherwin is one the few artists that I trust when it comes to book design. Just give him a germ of an idea and he'll produce a full-blown concept that can be executed overnight. I consider him as a true creative partner unlike any other.

—Alex Cruz

Former Publisher, ABS-CBN Books

App Content Head, theAsianparent

“I have worked with Sherwin Llames on several books for Go Negosyo and it was always a beautiful experience. We worked well together with minimum direction and fuss and he had the patience to handle all those inevitable last-minute corrections. You could trust him to take care of everything from his end. Also helped that he understood my squiggly handwriting. All in all, a fulfilling experience every time. It would be an honor to work with him again.. and soon!”

—Tina Arceo Dumlao,

Business Features Editor, 

Philippine Daily Inquirer

"Sherwin and I worked on the book, “Tessa: Ten Times Ten,” which was a compilation of the best Inquirer Lifestyle columns of Tessa Prieto Valdes over a decade, divided into ten themed chapters, each by a different author. The entire project took over a year to finish, by a small, four-person editorial and graphic design team including Sherwin.


Over the year that we worked together, I came to value Sherwin for his graphic vision, and his ability to defend that outlook through various discussions with the team. Even more critically, he followed through on the discussions, producing excellent work on the themed chapters, each of which demanded a slightly different look and feel while still adhering to the overall graphic design vision. I also loved that Sherwin went “beyond the script,” bringing in an artist for the cover watercolor, and guiding the artist to produce the work that he had envisioned.


Sherwin is an excellent graphic designer, bringing not only artistry to a project, but also management expertise and dedication."


— Dennis Valdes

President and Executive Director,

PhilWeb Corp

Sherwin is one of the most professional art directors I've worked with. It was always easy to explain the concept to him because he knows exactly what you want even if the project description was vague. He simply gets it. There's story and emotions in every project he did with us and he created each one of it with his heart and his burning passion for visual arts. Sherwin's skills and talent are one of a kind. You'd know a book will be a best seller if the project was created by him.

— kuiejor Garces Quijano

Book Editor


Sherwin was instrumental in making Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur, a best selling book.

His works captures readers senses,relevant and sync with the times! Trust me, collaborating with him is truly worthwhile:)


— Paulo M. Tibig

Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Multi-Awarded Entrepreneur & Best- Selling Author.

V Cargo President

I really look for intelligent and empathic design for my projects, because it allows me to convey my message beyond words. That is what I love about Sherwin Llames. He is an art director and designer who has the ability to comprehend a vision and execute it eloquently. It’s a pleasure collaborating with him not only professionally but also on a very human level. That is why his works resonate.


— Mike Tatung Sarthou

Celebrity Chef & Award Winning-Author

I have worked with Sherwin Llames in various cookbook projects and I know what a prolific mind he has.  


His head is a goldmine of artistic and creative content. As an Art Director, he carefully maps out his vision for his books, executes his concepts with clarity and purpose,  and provides crucial directions for both photographer and food stylist.


It is a joy to work with him because he knows exactly how to bring his concept to life. He provides  cohesiveness to the team that translates to  everyone being on the same page and working with one goal in mind. 


I  trust the creative process that goes on in Sherwin’s mind. He pours his heart and soul on every project. With his passion evident in his work, expect only good things to come from him.

— Tina Concepcion Diaz

Food stylist

When I first met Sherwin Llames, he had twinkle in his eyes. It was his first time in ABS-CBN Publishing. We just finished his job application interview and I walked him into the office. His eyes would scan the area as if memorizing the detail of the office. He was on board a few days later. We were not wrong to have him on board. He had fire, passion and creative courage to do things differently, fresh. I remember we had our first meeting for Go Negosyo with Joey Concepcion. He was not shy, he was inquisitive and was serious about making his first Go Negosyo book a success. And it was. Sherwin Llames is the kind of creative artist we need who is humble in spirit but brave with his dream! Go fly more, Sherwin! It was great to be part of your journey!

— Boots C Villavecer

Former Creative Director, Sales

and Marketing Services

ABS-CBN Publishing Inc.,

Creative Head, Ideashop Manila

I got to know sherwin when he was commisioned by my son in law to design and do the lay out for my photography book. I love his creative ideas. He did everything with almost no time or effort for me. It was great working with him. It was a job well done.

Dr. Rodgido Tanabe Layug