Art Direction

In this day and age, it is essential to work with an art director who has the creative and technical skills for the job. Sherwin’s broad experience over the years in the field of multimedia has sharpened his skills in both areas.

A versatile professional, he provides art direction services in print and digital publishing, video production, advertising, and multimedia campaigns. He has the creativity and leadership skills to guarantee that the client’s message is clearly conveyed to the target audience.

"He is definitely top-of-mind when it comes to selecting who can do great artwork and direction for us, he can create stunning work in a moment's notice and we also appreciate that he can work on a wide range of projects."

Ramon M. Lopez

Secretary of Trade and Industry

"Sherwin is one of the most professional art directors I've worked with. It was always easy to explain the concept to him because he knows exactly what you want even if the project description was vague. He simply gets it. There's story and emotions in every project he did with us and he created each one of it with his heart and his burning passion for visual arts. Sherwin's skills and talent are one of a kind. You'd know a book will be a best seller if the project was created by him."

— kuiejor Garces Quijano

Book Editor


Keyboard and Mouse