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Logo / Branding Design

It would be a lot cheaper to buy a template logo from one of those DIY websites. There are even free ones. But, your business logo shouldn’t be cheap and easy.

Your logo represents your business. It symbolizes the objectives, identity, and purpose of your business. It reflects your passion and philosophies as the business owner.

Sherwin customizes each logo he creates, making sure that the colors, fonts, and design elements are the right fit for your brand identity and business goals.

"I really look for intelligent and empathic design for my projects, because it allows me to convey my message beyond words. That is what I love about Sherwin Llames. He is an art director and designer who has the ability to comprehend a vision and execute is eloquently. It’s a pleasure collaborating with him not only professionally but also on a very human level. That is why his works resonate."

— Mike Tatung Sarthou

Celebrity Chef & Award Winning-Author

Tropical Leaves