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Online Marketing

Ensure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Sherwin creates content and concepts for digital marketing collaterals, like posters, banners, ads, and videos, among others.

He also produces creative requirements for social media marketing. After all, an effective social media campaign is built on a strong digital content.

"When I first met Sherwin Llames, he had twinkle in his eyes. It was his first time in ABS-CBN Publishing. We just finished his job application interview and I walked him into the office. His eyes would scan the area as if memorizing the detail of the office. He was on board a few days later. We were not wrong to have him on board. He had fire, passion and creative courage to do things differently, fresh. I remember we had our first meeting for Go Negosyo with Joey Concepcion. He was not shy, he was inquisitive and was serious about making his first Go Negosyo book a success. And it was. Sherwin Llames is the kind of creative artist we need who is humble in spirit but brave with his dream! Go fly more, Sherwin! It was great to be part of your journey!"

— Boots C Villavecer

Former Creative Director, Sales

and Marketing Services

ABS-CBN Publishing Inc.,

Creative Head, Ideashop Manila

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